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Preparing for KNS examination (Examination in the Netherlands Embassy)

Preparing for KNS examination (Examination in the Netherlands Embassy)

KNS (Kennis van Nederlands Samenleven) is one of the part of the exam for the Civil Integration Exam in the Embassy. You have to watched the video which is included in the examination package together with the handbook with pictures and questioners. You can use this to prepare yourself for the examination.
Below is the foto book that you need to study the KNS exam.

Below are few tips to familiarize yourself for KNS exam:

1. Play the DVD/CD as often as possible to watch the video.
2. When you feel that you are familiar with the video, watch the video in Dutch language.
3. At the back of the booklet there are questions about the video that you have watched. Listen to the Audio CD for the questions and answers.
4. Practice answering the questions.
5. You may play the Audio CD as often as you like to familiarize yourself with the questions and answers about the video.
6. Also, make sure you are also familiar with the photos on the booklet that corresponds to the answer.
7. Try listening to the Audio CD and answer the questions by just looking at the photo album.
8. Speak loud on the microphone and practice your dutch pronunciation.
9. At the start of the exam, remember to say your name, your city, and your country.

The Kennis Nederlandse Samenleving exam has about 43 questions within 45 minutes exam.

To pass the exam you must have to get 57% of the questions correct.

Never skip a number.

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